Richmond’s most authentic and remarkable Chinese food resides in the heart of the city. Acclaimed chef Kam Kung melds traditional dishes extravagantly in a comfortable, contemporary ambiance.

Drawing from Cantonese and other Chinese cooking styles, Chef Li has created a menu that’s equally tempting to both the casual and adventurous diner. From the rare crispy squab to sweet & sour spare ribs and free-range chicken to pan-fried live lobster with salted egg yolk. Every dish is a delectable transport to the most acclaimed kitchens of Chinese cuisine.

In celebration the Canadian lobster festival, Empire Seafood Restaurant has created  preset dinner menus with fresh lobster at special prices. Please come and taste the unique flavor of live lobster cooked deliciously, Cantonese style.

Lobster Festival Set Menu

Lobster Dinner for Four
Fish Maw Soup with Chicken
Sauteed Live Lobster with Broth
Deep Fried Marinated Butterfly Ribs
Sauteed Fish Fillet with Gai Lan in Ginger Flavour
Marinated Chicken (Half)
Assorted Seafood Fried Rice
Daily Dessert


Lobster Dinner for Six
Peking Duck served with Pita
Fish Maw Soup with Chicken
Braised Live Lobster
Sauteed Beef Slices with Assorted Mushrooms
Sauteed Diced Duck Served with Lettuce
Sauteed Humphead Wrasse Fillet with Gai Lan
Assorted Seafood Fried Rice
Daily Dessert


Lobster Dinner for Ten
House Apperitizer Platter
Fish Maw Soup with Chicken
Deep Fried Bean Curd with Shrimp Paste
Braised Assorted Mushroom with Baby Bak Choy
Sauteed Beef & Squid with Vegetable
Braised Live Lobsters
Crispy Chicken
Sauteed & Deep Fried Fish Fillet with Vegetable
Assorted Seafood Fried Rice
Daily Dessert